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Certified Floral Designer ( 30 Aug to 15 Nov 2022 )

Interested in becoming a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) with the ultimate goal of becoming an Accredited Member of the American Institute of Floral Designers? Now it's your chance.

Designed and taught by Dr. Solomon Leong CFD AIFD, and based on “The AIFD Guide to Floral Design: Terms, Techniques, and Traditions.”, our CFD® course is comprehensive, practical and full of inspirations.

Fee: $32,000 for 12 lessons (all floral materials included)

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On-Off Hybrid Certified Floral Designer

On-Off Hybrid CFD course will be conducted via both online platform and classroom learning which adds flexibility and at the same time, providing sufficient hands on guidance on the application of design elements and principles.

Fee: $20,000 for 10 lessons (all floral materials included for in class lessons)

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Certificate in Professional Wedding Floral Specialist (PWS)

Join the fastest growing segments of the floral industry and become SOLOMON BLOEMEN Certified Wedding Floral Specialist.


Entry requirement - A prerequisite of completion of SOLOMON BLOEMEN's fundamentals in floral design course or at least 6 months of on-the-job florist experience is required.

Fee: $30,000 for 10 lessons (all floral materials included)

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Professional Sympathy Designs Course (PSD)

This professional course deals with the many designs that are used in modern days sympathy flowers. We will be covering a large spectrum in this area. From crosses to caskets, urns to easels, and from cultural customs to practical techniques, this is a concise and comprehensive course that is packed with ideas and usefulness. 

Fee: $30,000 for 10 lessons (all floral materials included)

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International Accreditation Programme

@Solomon Bloemen, an AIFD Education Partners

Hands-on Design Evaluation / Mock Tests
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