On-Off Hybrid Certified Floral Designer

“On-Off” Hybrid - Certified Floral Designer

“On-Off” Hybrid - Certified Floral Designer (CFD Programme)

首創線上線下 Hybrid - CFD Programme


實踐心中夢想,CFD 開課,現正接受報名!進入専業花藝之路,成為AIFD的第一步!成為國際認證的 Certified Floral Designer!

SOLOMON BLOEMEN“首創” 的線上線下 Hybrid - CFD Programme 將通過在線平台(80%)和課堂進行(20%),既以靈活的學習模式,同時提供足夠的實踐指導,以確保學員對設計元素和原理有透徹的理解和應用。我們的CFD Programme將有系統地幫助每位學員發展個人花藝設計的風格

Interested in becoming a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) with the ultimate goal of becoming an Accredited Member of the American Institute of Floral Designers? Now it's your chance.

This “On-Off” Hybrid CFD course will be conducted via 80% online platform with remaining through in class room learning which add flexibility and at the same time, providing sufficient hands on guidance to ensure thorough understanding and application of design elements and principles.   Our CFD® course is delivered in a systematic way to help you develop your floral design style and procedure.

The online lesson will be released every week and at each lesson, Dr. Solomon will go through with you step by step about the application of design principles and will demonstrate different design techniques to achieve an AIFD standard floral arrangement.  Submission of homework after each lesson is mandatory and Dr. Solomon will go through the homework with each individual student so that s/he will be able to understand their strength and to develop his/her own floral design style.

The remaining 2 in-class sessions contain one full day lesson wrapping up the learning through online courses and one time-constraint based hands on evaluation session.

Designed and taught by Dr. Solomon Leong CFD AIFD, and based on “The AIFD Guide to Floral Design: Terms, Techniques, and Traditions.”, our CFD® course is comprehensive, practical and full of inspirations.   This CFD course is one out of the three modules under the International Accreditation Programme to take the next step in the floral design journey and to pursue AIFD accreditation.


At SOLOMON BLOEMEN Flower School, we don’t’ teach you to copy, we inspire you to create!



Admission requirement:

  • Have taken relevant floral design courses (an interview will be required) or

  • Have completed at least 2 semesters in either fundamental, intermediate or Advance floral course from Solomon Bloemen


Curriculum 課程設計要素:

  • Category Interpretation 主題演繹

  • Scale (Proportion) 比例

  • Balance (Physical & Visual)  平行(物理及視覺)

  • Line (Movement & Rhythm) 綫條(節奏及動態)

  • Color (Balance, Harmony & Rhythm) 色彩(平衡丶和諧丶節奏)

  • Creativity 創意

  • Unity 統一(協調及質感)

  • Focal Emphasis 焦點強調

  • Depth 深度

  • Mechanics (Professional Application) 操作技巧


Students who have passed the hands on evaluation session and submitted all the required homework will be recommended & arranged by SOLOMON BLOEMEN Flower School, an AIFD® Education Partner, to participate in the AIFD online test to pursue the CFD designation.    


Upon successful completion of the AIFD online test, candidates will be awarded with the CFD Designation. This is one of the proper way to participate in the AIFD PFDE (Professional Floral Design Evaluation) should you wish to take the next step in the floral design journey and to pursue AIFD accreditation.

Teacher:Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD PFCI

Place:  80% online, 20% @SOLOMON BLOEMEN Flower School


Online Lessons: release every week  (8 lessons)
In class Lessons: Saturday, Sunday (time-constraint hands on evaluation)

Course Fee: HK$20,000


All floral materials are inclusive


Fee exclusive of examination & certificate fees


For more information on the CFD Program,


please call our school 2521 1798 or email to info@solomonbloemen.com

Certified Floral Designers (CFD) Accelerated Preparation Course (1 Weekend)

Targeted to those who wishes to become a Certified Floral Designer and have enrolled to our CFD course, this 2 days’ preparation aims to strengthen and to enhance student’s knowledge on design elements, principles and application of design techniques.  Through this course, students will be more ready to gain the full benefits from the coming CFD course to develop his/her floral design and to gain to achieve an AIFD standard floral piece.

Admission requirement:

  • Have enrolled to SOLOMON BLOEMEN CFD course

  • Have taken relevant floral design courses




Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD PFCI CFD & his professional teaching team



HKD$6,000 (all floral materials are inclusive)



Sat (11:30am to 3:30pm)

Sun (11:30am to 3:30pm)



AIFD®️ Certified Floral Designer
Students who successful complete the required Education Partner coursework, receive a hands-on evaluation deeming the student’s work at the level of a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®️) and subsequent Educational Partner referral, will receive an invitation to become a Certified Floral Designer through the American Institute of Floral Designers®️ (AIFD®️). For full information about the CFD®️ certification, please visit:  http://aifd.org/membership/becoming-a-cfd/


About  Solomon Bloemen and AIFD

Dr. Solomon Leong has been a member of the AIFD since 2002.  In 2017, Dr. Solomon Leong has successfully become an AIFD Certified Floral Evaluator/Judge and is proud to be part of the AIFD Floral Demonstration in 2017 National Symposium.


Only a handful of flower school in Hong Kong are able to become AIFD Education Partner and more importantly, to successfully lead the students to obtain the AIFD accreditation in the AIFD PFDE (Professional Floral Design Evaluation).  


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