Certificated Juniors’ Floral Design Workshops - Summer series


Develop your kid's creativity, and encourage them to explore in the world of art. Elevate their sense of aesthetics, and sensitivities to appreciate and respect nature. Join us in our certificated juniors workshops this spring and let your kid learn, enjoy, and above all, grow in a positive and immersive educational environment.

Fee per lesson: $1,200 (all materials included)

Monthly Masterclasses by Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD PFCI [Summer series]


Let’s enjoy this hot summer by creating designs with a wide spectrum of seasonal flowers! So much fun and beauty to decorate your home!

Fee per lesson: $2,800 (all materials included)

儒·雅 Oriental Elegance – [June - August] by Teacher Bonnie


A three-part series of seasonal workshop, collaborating Chinese traditional ornaments with beautiful seasonal flowers to create elegant floral pieces to find inner joy & peace!


Fee per lesson: $1,800 (all materials included)



Omakase Flower Menu
A selection of blooms of unparalleled freshness and quality, carefully curated by Dr. Solomon, delivered straight to your door every Friday.