Master Class – Structured Airy Bouquet

A perfect form with aid of advanced metallic structure

Fee: $2,800 (all floral materials included)

Seasonal Workshops - Christmas Specials

Join our festive workshops using a celebration of seasonal flowers and foliage to create majestic wreaths and breath-taking arrangement in one of our fun and relaxed workshops

Fee: from $1,800 to $2,900 (all floral materials included)



Omakase Flower Menu
A selection of blooms of unparalleled freshness and quality, carefully curated by Dr. Solomon, delivered straight to your door every Friday. 

Happy Friday Series - Meditative Floral Yoga!

Be at peace with your inner soul and appreciate the beauty of nature. In each class you will learn a floral technique. Through concentrating on your creation, you will experience the world of floral mindfulness.

Fee: $1,500 per lesson (all floral materials included)

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