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Colourful Workshop Series2: The Ombré Bar


Content: A sensational creative floral workshop using flowers to create a gradation effect! Feel the power of colours in creating differences in mood, explore the contrasts of bright and dark, warm and cold colours. We will also be introducing some basic colour theories in this session.


Perfect for those who are interested in floral designs in colours.
Beginners welcome.


Time and date : 13 Nov 2016 (Sunday) 14:30- 16:30
Class size: 6 ppl (Max)
Cost: HK 2,600 per person (including all materials)
Teacher: Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD


Enrollment: Simply click the 'book now' button to complete your enrollment!








費用:每人共1堂課 HK$2,600(包含所有相關花材和工具)


導師:Dr. Solomon Leong CFD AIFD

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