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Key Essentials in Floral Creation – Design Elements & Principles

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

A briefing session was conducted yesterday at Shenzhen to share about the key essentials in floral creation – design elements and principles. With adequate knowledge on these areas, right methods of design and together with intensive focus on creativity, you will be able to create all different types of floral design. Grasp the opportunity to unleash your potential and to be come a professional floral designer!

昨天梁博士在深圳舉行了一個簡介會,分享了花藝設計的竅門 - 設計元素和原則。

當你能夠融會貫通了設計元素及準則再加上正確的設計方法及無限創意,最浪漫的最古典的或最前衛的花藝設計也由您手中創造出來! 抓緊機會,成為一名專業的花藝設計師

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