• SolomonBloemen

Fleuramour 2019 - Time Space Juxtaposition

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

100 floral designers from around the world was gathered together to take us “Back to the Future”, the theme in Alden Biesen during Fleuramour 2019!

Dr. Leong’s interpretation of the theme “Back to the Future” at Fleuramour titled as “Time Space Juxtaposition” was inspired by Einstein’s theories on relativity and time travel. Fascinated by ideas about juxtaposing the past, present, future, let’s imagine sending letters by doves would be faster than using emails, or sending flowers to your future home that is yet to be built! These ideas on the delineation of time and space allow our imagination to roam free and to create our own ‘memory’; combining images, senses and wonderful emotion. A continued theme of Dr. Leong’s specialized wood band ‘ribbons’ which filled the room with gorgeousness and rhythm, this piece is set to depict time travels!

Special thanks to the fantastic garden roses from Alexandra farm and top quality flowers from Hoek Flowers! The amount of compliments about the flowers we got are overflowing by the minute!