• SolomonBloemen

SOLOMON BLOEMEN AIFD graduates at the Society of Chinese members of AIFD Exhibition

We are so pleased to have 2 graduates from each of the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 presenting their works at the “To Live with the Floral Life” exhibition of the Society of Chinese members of AIFD held at Shenzhen ADC centre on 11/12 August.

A very diverse mix of styles and techniques! We are so proud of you and you have come so far in your design career!

2019- Jess Liu, Janet Lo 2018- Teresa Tang, Connie Wong 2017- Ven Lam, Fanny Lo

2019 - Jess was given a Ming-style chair to design with and here is her zen inspired styling


《官帽椅》早於明朝初期面世,其頂部形態像是官帽的紗帽翅而命名,以四出頭椅式展現高尚與大方的氣派;搭腦和扶手的尾端以直接直平截斷收尾,好比中國篆書書法收筆時尾端輕輕提起,不回鋒的姿態。 當官帽椅的「剛」遇上鮮花的「柔」,設計理念集結剛柔並濟的視覺效果。